We offer a wide range of competitive gymnastics and we have the medals and trophies to prove it.

  • AAU Girls Level  1 & 2
  • USAG Girls Level 3-10
  • USAG Boys Level 4-10
  • Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling
USAG is the national governing body of gymnastics in the US.  It is our policy at OKCG to progress our athletes through the various skill levels of the USAG programs.
Compulsory- Levels 1-5  Athletes at this level are required to learn routines specific to the level that are created by USAG. The goal is that the gymnast has a strong foundation before moving on to the optional level.
Optional – Level 6 & Up  At this level, there are level specific guidelines and rules and the individual athletes routines are built around those to show the gymnasts strengths. Each gymnast has a different routine at this level.
XCEL– Is an additional program run by USAG. It is run similar to the Optional program being there are no set routines. Coaches are able to choose skills within the guidelines which will be used in each athletes routines.  The difference is the levels are on a color scale; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  Bronze being comparable to the compulsory level 3.  This program was designed to progress athletes through the levels with less intensity however maintaining the high standard of technique required by the sport.
AAU is an additional gymnastics program that we use to progress our younger female athletes in preparation for the USAG program.